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  • Those searching for a truly special cat, a cat with extraordinary beauty and charm, need look no further than the Asian breed - an elegant but muscular cat with a sleek lustrous coat and hypnotic lambent eyes. 

  • The Asian Cat Association was established in 1997 by Baroness Miranda von Kirchberg and a close group of friends. It gained full G.C.C.F. affiliation in 2001.

  • The ACA aim is to be a friendly and democratic forum for all those interested in the future of this delightful breed. Many of our members have more than 25 years experience in cat breeding and are happy to share their knowledge and skills.

  • The quality of the Asian breeding programme has led to resounding success for the breed on the show bench, with many Asians gaining Best in Show.

  • The ACA offers a Show Cat Competition, with rosettes and trophies to encourage owners to show our wonderful breed. Our magazine 'The Asian Times' is produced  bi-annually, this has a wide content including, health, show, and breeding news plus much, much more. All members are encouraged to contribute to it, in any capacity they can. The ACA also has an active Kitten List and places regular adverts on behalf of it's breeders in other cat publications.






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This site belongs to breeders of Asians, and Burmese in the UK.Our cats are home-reared

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