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The Asian Burmilla

  • This was the name given to the original pattern which occurred from the first mating between a Burmese and a Chinchilla.

  • The Burmilla cats undercoat is scintillating silver or subtle standard (non-silver).

  • The tip of the coat is shaded with colours ranging from black to the palest lilac.

  • It is a fault if a coat is so lightly tipped as to appear white - silver or cream - standard.

  • When Burmillas were mated together the genetic possibilities started to emerge - semi-long haired varieties and tabby patterns became evident, along with smokes and self's.

  • A great deal of work is still needed to perfect the wonderful possibilities.

  • The debate still rages as to how many possibilities there are, but around 624 seems to be the current view.

  • It would take a very brave breeder to attempt to breed an example of each!!

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    Lilac Shaded Silver Burmilla
    photo by

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Brown Shaded Silver Burmilla
photo by PK Photography

Lilac Standard Burmilla
photo by Claire Lovell