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  • The Asian cat has an inquisitive outgoing nature. 

  • It is intelligent and fun loving making it the ideal family pet. At the same time their gentleness appeals to elderly people looking for a loyal and devoted companion.

  • Asian cats are one of the few breeds which actually state in the breed standard they must be of good temperament.

  • Whilst being ultra affectionate, they are also born entertainers which makes them charming personalities.

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Photo and Copyright held by Claire Lovell.

Types of Asian Cats

Over twenty years on form the "blissful mistake" careful breeding has produced the following groups within the Asian Breed.The combinations of colour and pattern are immense. Each colour is known as either Full Expression or Burmese Colour Restriction. Basically this means that the cat is either a Burmese colour or the unmodified Full Expression colour which is much much darker e.g. Burmese brown becomes black. A leaflet explaining this in more detail is available on request.


A silver (white) or standard (pale cream) base coat with colour on the top half to quarter of hair shaft.


Plain colour all the way down the hair shaft. The Bombay belongs to this group.


Colour to be (ideally) at least half way down the hair shaft with silver undercoat.

These fall into four patterns, the most dominant being the ticked, then come the mackerel, spotted and classic. All are possible in either silver or standard.

A semi-longhaired Asian permissible in any colour or pattern.
These are Asians whose phenotype (outward appearance) is identical to Burmese.  They may be used in the Asian breeding programme where they make a valuable contribution but they cannot be shown.

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Lilac Variant