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Pedigree Burmese Kittens!


I would suggest that anyone looking for a Burmese kitten check out the Kitten Lists for The Burmese Cat Club and The Burmese Cat Society   
 In addition I would recommend The LoveBurmese website which also has a Kitten List  .

To register an interest in any of my Burmese kittens please e-mail me once I have announced the birth of my Burmese kittens with your details at

 Please note I do not hold a prospective Pedigree Burmese Kitten List any more prior to the birth of my Burmese kittens due to the very large number of unfortunate time wasters.

Therefore I respectively ask any genuine enquirers to contact me once I have a Burmese litter available.

If you do want to email me-and I am very glad indeed of any such enquiries regarding pedigree Burmese cats-then I will let you know when I have any prospective Burmese litters and kindly ask that you get in touch when I suggest.

Unfortunately, there have been in the last few years, a very worrying increase in fraudulent/scam enquiries regarding pedigree kittens and therefore I will only respond to those enquiries that look totally genuine.

If you are therefore genuinely interested then I’m sure you will not mind me requiring some details...

I would like to know your name, e-mail, address and telephone contact details.

Please note my Burmese kittens are not available to export to overseas buyers.

I do very much like to have enquiries from people who have had Burmese Cats before and understand their ‘unique’ Burmese personalities!

Do let me know if you have/or had other cats and if they go outside, what methods have been made to ensure their safety.

 If you have also had any illnesses/problems in the past then let me know. If you have had any contagious diseases either in the past or currently including Feline Calici Virus, Ringworm, fleas etc then also please let me know.

I would also like to know the background of any Burmese cats or kittens you have had before-including any know pedigree/family history so I can see if I can trace a family link between your previous Burmese cats and my own.

Most of my Burmese kittens go to homes where they are much loved and pampered pets. As such, all the Burmese kittens will be placed on the Non-Active Register.  Very, very occasionally will I let a Burmese female kitten go that can be bred from to a fellow respected breeder. This Burmese breeder can only be someone that I already know and have previously agreed to such an arrangement.

 Please note no male Burmese kittens in any circumstances will be registered on the Active Register and thus able to be bred from.

To have a Burmese kitten to bred/shown from must be stated from the outset and agreed on by myself and the stud owner. I think all of my Burmese kittens are beautiful but accept that some may not be up to Show Standard or want to be shown. I therefore cannot be held responsible if a kitten I sell is not up to show standard or is not suitable for breeding. If you do have a Burmese kitten from me that is registered on the Non-Active register I will not, in any circumstances, change them over to the Active Register.

First and foremost my Burmese cats and kittens are meant to be your much loved pets and part of your family for the rest of their lives.

If you want to be considered as a prospective owner of one of my Fandango Burmese kittens, then once I have a litter available then please e-mail me at  

Prearranged visits when the kittens are able to cope with visitors i.e. at around 6 weeks of age is encouraged.

When a visit is arranged I will give you detailed directions of how to get here, but would strongly ask that you keep the number of visitors to a minimum i.e. preferably just two people- I have had one family turn up in the past with 9 people!

My overriding concern when I have visitors is the safety and comfort of my Burmese cats, and I ask visitors to respect this.

Once we have arranged a visit, then do please let me know if you are not going to be able to arrive at the prearranged time. Unfortunately I have experienced people either arriving hours earlier or later than they said they would-or simply not turning up at all…If I know you are due to arrive, I will have a map close by me, in case you get lost!

It is imperative that you do not see another litter on the day you are due to visit me, as visits between un-inoculated kittens could spread infection.

Please make sure that yourself and anybody you bring have not been in contact with any infectious diseases including Cat Flu, Ringworm and fleas. If in any doubt, contact me first!

Once you arrive I will ask all visitors to remove their shoes and wash their hands.

Please handle my kittens with due respect for their young age. If you bring children, then I would ask that you monitor their behaviour at all times. I will not allow any of my Burmese kittens or cats to be roughly handled.

Often, there is a lot of interest in a litter of Burmese kittens, with more people expressing an interest, than the number of kittens available. I will therefore invite people to visit in the order that they contacted me after I have announced the birth of a Burmese litter.

 Once people have visited, then a kitten or kittens are only secured through a deposit which is non- refundable. Please enquire before you visit the cost of the deposit. The deposit may be given at the visit or a confirmation email within 6 hours following a visit preferably through internet banking by cash or cheque will be acceptable.

 The deposit amount will be specified at the visit. Often visitors need time to decide on which kitten/kittens they want so I am more than happy for them to go away and make a thoughtful decision and then get back to me within 6 hours. I can then let the other people on the list know which kittens are then available in the best possible time as often they are very desperate to know if a kitten is still available. This I feel is the fairest way for everybody on the list who are often very anxious to know if a kitten is still available.

I will keep prospective owners informed of their kitten’s progress. Kittens will only be able to go to their new homes on the week that they are 13 weeks old as per the guidelines from the GCCF. Each kitten will have had the two inoculations for Cat Flu and Enteritis, will have two worming treatments and two health checks from my Vet. My Burmese kittens will come with their GCCF Registration and Pedigrees, will be have preventative treatment for fleas, worms, ear mites etc and a Cover Note for four weeks free insurance.

Kittens will be placed on the Non- Active Register (not for breeding). If a girl is wanted for breeding then this must be stated when first enquiring. Male kittens are only available on the Non Active Register. This is non-negotiable. Please do not expect me to change them from the Non- Active Register if you then subsequently try to breed from one of my cats. If you find this confusing or want more details then do please ask when you visit.

Once the deposit has been accepted, your kitten must be collected in the week when it is 13 weeks old. I regret I am not able to keep your kitten beyond this time. If you do subsequently have to collect your kitten later than 13 weeks this must be agreed when the deposit is given and a charge per day after 13 weeks will be made. Full payment must be made via internet banking either prior to collection day to allow funds to clear or in cash on the day of collection.

Once a decision has been made for one of my kittens and a deposit given then I will email you with a very detailed description of food, litter, toys etc that they are used to.

My apologies for seeming so ‘set’ but past experience has unfortunately led me this way...

I do apologize again that all the above may sound a little pedantic but it is only after a number of years of having had things go slightly wrong at times that I feel able to make it clear what I and prospective owners can expect. At the end of the day, your cat or kittens welfare is paramount and I just ask people to remember and respect that. 

 If I haven't put any genuine people off, and you are still interested in wanting a kitten from me, then please do e-mail me when I have kitten available at  

My overriding wish is that any kittens that I help bring into this world go on to the very best of homes where they will be cherished and adored.

And I have to say, I have been privileged to have brought up my beautiful Burmese kittens go to on to some wonderful homes indeed where they have absolutely been cherished and much loved.

That is all you can ask for...




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