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  I am just a small, hobby breeder of Burmese. My Burmese girls live in the house and are very much part of the family.

Grand Champion Aureus Angledust

Grand Champion Aureus Angledust

 (Lilac Tortie Burmese)

This is Grand Champion Aureus Angledust known at home as ‘Angel’.

This stunning Lilac Tortoiseshell Burmese is a magnificent example of her breed and I am so, so, proud to be her owner!

I am very grateful to my very good friend and fellow GCCF Judge, Dr Peter Collin, for allowing me to have her. His Prefix ‘Aureus’ is extremely well known across the UK as Peter consistently produces Burmese of the very highest standard and to top it all my Angel has this amazing laid back personality!

Angel has the most superb Burmese eye expression plus an exquisite short satin like coat and all her judges have commented on her very gentle and relaxed nature when being handled. 

Angel’s pedigree is very, very nice indeed, containing many of my all time favourite titled Burmese cats who excel in show quality Burmese ‘ type’ and, in addition, have the most marvellous personalities. Both of her parents are Imperial Grand Champions and her mother, Imperial Grand Champion Aureus Audacious Angel, just recently achieved a UK Imperial Grand Champion title at the GCCF Supreme Cat Show 2014.

My Angel has done incredibly well on the show bench, winning the majority of the classes she has entered and, at just over a year old, had very quickly earned the title of Grand Champion.

Grand Champion Aureus Angledust is now taking time off from the show bench to have babies with Champion Montalbano in 2016...




Hobberdy Fandango Lulu and her kittens!


I am very grateful to my good friend Anna Virtue of Hobberby Burmese for letting me have Lulu who is a beautiful Lilac Burmese. Lulu was mated to my lovely Lilac boy Champion Fandango Montalbano (Monty) and they have had a beautiful litter of all Lilac Burmese kittens. There is one boy and the rest are girls who are now looking for their new homes at the end of November, 2016.

Please email me if interested at  



Aureus Queen Of The Night


This is Aureus Queen Of The Night, our very beautiful Blue Tortie Burmese bred by my very good friend and fellow judge Dr Peter Collin.

Queenie, as she is known here, is an extremely affectionate young lady who just adores people! She just loves to make friends with anybody and everybody and likes nothing better to closely supervise any household tasks by adding a little paw into help...

Queenie is currently enjoying a short season on the show bench before settling down into motherhood in 2017.  She has already two CCs and is just waiting for that last one before hopefully gaining her title of champion.

My thanks to Ian Jarvis for taking this lovely photo of her at the recent Burmese Cat Society Show where she gained her second Challenge Certificate.

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