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The Boy!


Champion Fandango Montalbano

Champion Fandango Montalbano

(Lilac Burmese)

Champion Fandango Montalbano known at home as ‘Monty’, is a very handsome and extremely laidback Lilac Burmese. Shown above when just 11 months of age and already a large substantial lad at over 11 lbs in weight...

Monty is a very gentle homebred chap who possesses a magnificent typy head, beautiful large and well shaped and expressive chartreuse coloured eyes, excellent width across the cheeks, a lovely short coated lilac coat and an that extremely large and muscular body-something all his judges have commented upon!!

He has done extremely well on the show bench and very quickly made up to the title of Champion at under a year of age. Now titled, he still remains at heart, a wonderfully soppy Lilac Burmese gentleman.

Home bred he is thus brought up by the girls to be exceedingly well mannered and very, very gentle. Possessing just 1.4% inbreeding (going back at least 16 generations), Monty adds some very old Burmese lines to my girls’ more modern lines.

 Not many young stud cats are able to live totally indoors and be a full father to their offspring but Monty had this very rare opportunity to enjoy this home experience under the attentive and appreciative eye of his ladies.

Now Monty is fully mature and ‘full of the joys of spring’ his ladies asked ever so politely if he could be relocated so they could enjoy a quieter lifestyle...

Monty has therefore gone to live with my good friend Cyndy Robertshaw in Somerset where he will be able to entertain any visiting young ladies...

For stud enquiries please contact Cyndy